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About Incredible Lanka

We are one of the best people in Sri lanka to organize tours. We’ll make your trip to Sri lanka unforgettable. Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with a blend of all types of weathers, part of the country is filled with huge mountains,gushing rivers and roaring waterfalls while the other part is filled with splendid beaches, coconut trees and palm trees. Sri Lanka also holds another side of historic beauty, which is of ancient ruins, large tanks  and hidden rocks built by ancient kings. The country is a small pot with a splendid taste of everything. We will plan your trip from the moment you set foot in Sri Lanka in a way so that you get to taste every bit of Sri Lanka.

Our vision is to plan trips that would give people a wonderful memory to cherish forever. That’s why we focus on doing everything else to our customers, so they only need to care about how to have fun while we handle the rest. Yes, we will even do all the documentation work related to your air ticket, visa and travelling insurance, arrange you a vehicle that is both comfortable and affordable to you for the rest of your trip and a hotel for you to stay with all facilities. All you need to do is relax, while we’ll take care of all your burden with love.