Badulla - SriLanka

Badulla has its own administrative importance. Its location in the country’s lower central hills equally make it a popular tourist destination. Sri Lankan visitors keep a visit here in the itineraries for multiple reasons. Location of Badulla in the southeast side of Kandy and also due to being surrounded by the Badulu Oya River turns it into one of the best worth exploring places. Furthermore, nature lovers love the serenity of this place and the surroundings of tea plantations and pretty gardens adds to its mesmerizing beauty. The oldest operational railway line built by the British and tea gardens are worth visiting.


  • Muthiyangana Temple
  • Dunhinda Falls
  • Bogoda Ancient Wooden Bridge
  • Halpewatte Tea Factory
  • Demodara Railway Station
  • Dhowa Rock Temple
  • Fox Hill
  • St Marks’s Church
  • Wewessa Ella Waterfall

BADULLA Information and Google Map

  • WEATHER:23 °C
  • POPULATION :47,587
  • AREA :10 km2(4 sq mi)
  • DENSITY :4,387/km2(11,360/sq mi)