Traveling to Trincomalee

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Trincomalee is one of the finest natural deep water harbours in Sri Lanka and it is located 257 km north-east of Colombo and considered as a commercial hub of Sri Lanka. Trincoamlee is home for some of the finest beaches of Sri Lanka. Beaches like Nilaveli, Uppuweli and off shore Pigeon Island makes it’s a major tourist attraction for the beach lovers of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee had its own whale watching places in the Indian Ocean and becoming popular day by day. The beaches in Trincomalee and its crystal clear water offers tourists diving, snorkeling and swimming. Trincomalee is studded with a multitude of ruins of ancient Buddhist temples and is considered a major Buddhist cultural and archaeological site of Sri Lanka and same time its home to some of ancient Hindu Temples such as “Koneshwaram”. The Hot water springs of Kinniya is merely few miles away from Trincomalee. Trincomalee is basically a one stop tourist hotspot of Sri Lanka.


Trincomalee Beach

Trincomalee also known as Gokanna is the administrative headquarters of the Trincomalee Districts and major resort port city of Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.Trincoamalee beach is one of the natural finest deepwater harbours in the world. The Trincomalee area was most known in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Period as a port which attracted persons like “Marco Polo” and “Ptolemy.

Other than that there is the Fort Fredrick that was built by the time of British Empire and it’s in the prefect shape to this day. The famous Lovers leap rock is inside the. As for the religious monuments the “Koneshwaram” Hindu Kovil is there it’s one of the oldest Hindu Kovils of the Island.

If we speak about the beaches in the Trincomalee they are wide clean and water is crystal clear and most famous and place that is not to miss is Marble Beach of Trincomalee . About 16 km further north you’ll find yourself in “Nilaweli” beach with the famous Pigeon Island, the corals around the island is a great place to snorkel in our opinion and red rocks lying just 2 km offshore are reachable by small boat. The village of “Kanniyai” holds 07 wells that contain water from moderately warm water to very hot they are famous for their medicinal properties.

In our opinion Trincomalle has everything on offer whether it be a beach stay, diving to a shipwreck, snorkelling in crystal clear water, whale watching across the bay, kite surfing all this in city built on a headland, which naturally protects the massive harbour behind it, also a naval station of Sri Lanka navy.


Pigeon Island Snorkeling

If you are a snorkeling enthusiastic this is one of best places in Sri Lanka to indulge in water activities. Pigeon Island is nested coastal shore of Eastern province of Sri Lanka.The Pigeon Island National Park is one of the best places where corals grow. The name comes from a large number of rock pigeons used to inhabit the island. The island was declared as a sanctuary in 1963 and upgraded to a national park in 2003.

You can reach Pigeon Island from Nilaveli from about 15 minutes from a boat with a boat trip operator. As a result of being located in Nilaveli Tourist attraction point tourist who comes to Nilaveli never forgets to visit Pigeon Island. Dive and Snorkel in the seas of Pigeon Island which is full of vivid colour corals and fish. As you snorkel in the Pigeon Island sea you will see green turtles, blacktip reef sharks, olive ridleys and hawksbill turtles swimming over the coral reefs. Today the islands have been identified as a breeding place of the pigeons, therefore, the zone is administrated and conserved by the Sri Lankan navy and the department of wildlife conservations.

Catamaran Sailing Trip In Trincomalee

Set out on an ultimate catamaran trip in pristine beaches of Nialveli. After getting on board you can head to pigeon island National park which is a marine park where there is great underwater scenery, sunny weather and ideal wind conditions. You can go snorkeling, paddle boarding, surf or just have a sunbath . It’s a lovely way to start the day if it’s a day tour and probably a good way to end the day if it’s a late evening trip.











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