Ampara - SriLanka

Ampara is a remote city on the East Coast of Sri Lanka, about 360 km from the capital city of Colombo. It is a wonderful place to have fun as the place has wonderful beaches, paddy fields and lakes. A perfect place for summer vacation where you can just get out and do all kinds of fun and crazy stuff.

Places you must visit in Ampara!

  • kumana National Park
  • Buddhangala Monastery
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Magul maha viharaya
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Rajagala
  • Deegavapi Stupa

AMPARA Information and Google Map

  • WEATHER:31°C
  • POPULATION :648,057
  • AREA :4,415 km2(1,705 sq mi)
  • DENSITY :150/km2(380/sq mi)